All of this section of the Bow River is also now completely CATCH & RELEASE and there is a BAIT BAN in effect. ***Bow River is open all year from Banff National Parks East Boundary downstream to Bassano Dam including Bassano Reservoir. Luckily we didn't need it this time but Brits going hiking in Canada at any time don't go with out some type of scarer as the last time we hiked in Canada we had to hide from a bear I spotted as we climbed to the top of a waterfall and it wasn't a joke, I was terrified without anything for protection. It is about half an hour’s drive west of Calgary, south of the Trans-Canada Highway 1. Camping at both Elkwood and Boulton Creek offer great camping facilities, whether you are rv'ing or tenting. Located along the continental divide, there are numerous peaks over 3,000 m, many with glaciers, within 10 km of the lakes. Siebert Lake. 6, 2020. Additional guests 15 and older add $200 each up to 6. Boats are allowed on Two Jack Lake but no motors. Most of Alberta's lakes were formed during the last glaciation, about 12,000 years ago. Good for early and late season. There will no longer be any maggots (White Fish Bait) allowed on the Bow River. This area is home to many hiking trails, including the Upper Kananaskis Trail. Upper Kananaskis Lake Fishing Spots Below are fishing spots around Upper Kananaskis Lake. The area can be reached from the city of Calgary by travelling 80 km west on Highway 1, then 56 km south on Highway 40 to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, which includes the lakes (FIGURE 1). Larger groups can be accommodated with advance notice. Siebert Lake features so much more than just angling. We have not heard any reports for ice thickness on Kananaskis Lakes just yet. Upper Kananaskis Lake Fishing Reports & Feedback. Fishing is allowed in many places in Kananaskis Country. LAKE TROUT POSESSION 2 PER ANGLER. The spots include islands, bays, points, shoals and other water features where fish will congregate and fishermen can access either with boats or from shore. Wherever your fishing adventures should take you, enjoy yourself, and remember, “Time spent fishing cannot be deducted from ones lifespan. Costs vary depending on age and residency. Lots of lovely hiking and biking available, lots of wildlife to see, but watch out for bears! Alberta fishing licenses and Alberta WIN cards are required weather you are keeping your fish or not. Try bigger jigs for the cutties and bulls. Please respect the catch limits. Kananaskis Country is part of the Alberta Rockies region on the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains. Upper and Lower Kananaskis: bull trout, cutthroat trout,rainbow trout. MANDATORY CATCH AND RELEASE OF ALL FISH IN BANFF, YOHO AND KOOTENAY NATIONAL PARKS, EXCEPT LAKE MINNEWANKA LAKE TROUT. Try some of the following during the open season: 403.678.5550   |   (function(){var ml="0c.mwros%tipfna4",mi=":=<68?04>;:9:7;65972163",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j