A fronto-orbital advancement surgery takes approximately four to five hours, followed by a hospital stay of four to five days for monitoring and recovery. Historically, craniosynostosis has been treated using surgical methods that involve an incision from ear to ear and the removal, reshaping, and reattachment of … Copyright by AO Foundation, Switzerland. Copyright by AO Foundation, Switzerland. Copyright by AO Foundation, Switzerland. A surgical drain will be removed prior to discharge from the hospital. One Children’s Place In newborns, the bones of the skull are separated by small spaces or growth plates called sutures. Sometimes we take a quick, painless image (X-ray or CT scan) to look at the bones and see if the sutures have fused prematurely. 2) Coronal craniosynostosis, is the premature fusion of one of the unicoronal sutures that run from each ear to the top of the skull. Reprinted with permission. Left: face view of infant with metopic synostosis. For children older than six months, we offer the more traditional, open coronal synostosis repair. Additional surgeries including vault expansion and reshaping procedures will be scheduled according to your child’s recovery and response to this preliminary procedure. Craniosynostosis Diagnosis There may be reasons other than synostosis that your child's head is misshapen, so your child's doctor may order X-rays or a CT scan to screen for this condition. Symptoms Of Craniosynostosis. [CDATA[// >