A chase encounter for level 5 characters based around a wagon and a river of ice. Sure enough, one of my players has been infected, so I've gone to the trouble of typing the whole thing up and making it official. Werewolves don’t have regeneration in the D&D fifth edition Monster Manual, so you might want to remove this trait. The Wisdom save. … So I never really liked lycanthropy in 5e. But then I saw the ranks pass by and the curse transformed into a tactical tool. Note: being forced to transform because you dropped to 0 HP DOES give you exhaustion as well. Depending on the style of game you’re running and how quickly you want your player to have access to some of the higher end features you can tweak how long the process of mastering it will take. I’d highly recommend finding a way to have a mentor accompany the player, or at least instruct them beforehand of what will occur. A lycanthrope in its humanoid (or giant) form uses whatever tactics and weapons are favored by others of its kind, though it tends to be slightly more aggressive. c. Transformation speed. Cool idea! Traits Shapechanger: The werewolf can use its action to Polymorph into a wolf-humanoid hybrid or into a wolf, or back into its true form, which is Humanoid.Its Statistics, other than its AC, are the same in each form.Any Equipment it is wearing or carrying isn't transformed. The beast within promises the freedom born of physical prowess. In which case, why not 100 % chance of being inherited? There was a fair warning from the DM at this time (over a year ago) that we better not get bit because a lvl 3 “Remove Curse” wouldn’t cut it. And as for were-creatures, i actually have an interesting plan in mind for a werewolf homebrew that might be coming out soon. It's stated that only AC changes in the different forms, as for players though also strength changes, this is mostly just easier for the DM not having to check 2 or 3 stat blocks, i'm making a vampire … Homebrew material for 5e edition Dungeons and Dragons made by the community. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 4298 on r2-app-0de7635d15e4172e2 at 2020-12-19 19:23:44.917249+00:00 running 406fa40 country code: NL. Sorry for the long post, you can find the google docs version here. As far as RP goes, this interpretation of the curse offers a lot of uncertainty to the PC about their future. I changed the DC to 15 because I want lycanthropy to be something that must be managed, especially in the early stages. Homebrew for all the half-human combinations possible with the races found in the player’s handbook! For example a werewolf is CR 3, giving it a +2 proficiency bonus. Was working on some rules for it and this post will help. The only thing I'd say is that pretty much without exception, any creature with multiple natural weapon attacks has a bite that deals the most damage. The beast within glories in vengeance, bringing to mind those who have wronged the character . The Transition features deal primarily with whether the transformation can be done at will and Shapechanger determines how long it takes. While they do get advantages at lower levels these can be countered by a savvy enough dm or higher level play. The wolf takes them completely and is able to affect them more than it otherwise would. On a 3-6 the character is infected with Sewer Plague (which can be found on pg 257 of the DMG). Were their parents not werewolves at all, but carried part of the affliction, and said affliction coincidentally manifested this time around? 2. Higher levels grant the ability to drink blood (or bones/brains; you choose which your patron consumes) to instantly spend hit dice, transform into a full beast form that can still speak and cast verbal spells, and a monstrous true form that strengthens and terrifies. Then at rank 11, it will then only take 1 minute? You cannot go below this score. Just to clarify: If you hastily transform it is too feral, too reactionary. the flexibility to tailor to a variety of settings is great, very well thought out, will definitely use this in my campaign! Some speculate that it’s some ancient forgotten wolf god that takes up residence within. When bitten by a werewolf or other lycanthrope the victim must succeed on a DC12 Constitution saving throw. I want the werewolves stats to scale with the character, so borrowing from character stats made sense. Do I keep my proficiencies in hybrid form? At lvl 10 Meditative Transition replaces Uncontrollable Transition meaning you can transform at will, but it still takes 10 minutes until 11 Mastery Points at which time Shapechanger replaces Shapechanger (Prolonged Transformation) and lets you transform in 1 minute. [–]ThePatchworkWizard[S] 7 points8 points9 points 1 year ago (1 child). Finally the Progenitor Patron, the oldest in a lineage of cursed shapeshifters, allows warlocks to be built to represent not only werewolves and wererats, but even vampires and other shapeshifters like witches or spider-priestesses. The beast within promises life, an escape from death. The Beast Within has two entries, and both have different rules; one under Traits and one on the Mastery table. This milestone is recognised by mentors and Legacies as the new lycanthrope managing a degree of control. Many lycanthropes have discovered the benefits of Moon Tea in repressing the influence of the wolf and allowing greater control. Brew the strongest potions! Death Knight (5e Paladin Archetype) Shadow Domain (5e Cleric Archetype) Additional Totems (5e Barbarian Archetype Variant) Path of the Reaper (5e Barbarian Archetype) Fey Bloodline (5e Sorcerer Archetype) Oath of Blood (5e Paladin Archetype) College of Jesters (5e Bard Archetype) Circle of Warfare (5e Druid … But seriously, my idea for lycantrhopy in my setting doesn't fall neatly under disease, curse or possession. At this point a new lycanthrop needs to manage their condition to ensure they don’t put others at risk. Just a couple of suggestions from my initial read-through! My initial thoughts against the 1-action-transformation cost: I can see this being VERY difficult for a caster like my druid to justify undertaking in most combat situations but there are still reasons why she might forgo whatever damage she could’ve done to do so. Mastering lycanthropy is a process and with more control come more pros and less cons. On each turn after transforming the werewolf must succeed on a DC15 Wisdom saving throw or use all of its movement and action to attack the nearest creature. No proficiencies or abilities are carried across. I'm happy to help anytime! A Werewolf is a humanoid that is cursed with chaotic nature magic to transform into a large, wolf-like creature during the full moon. Monks who follow this tradition are not usually actual werewolves, however they base … Nice, I will be stealing most of this.
In its humanoid form, a werewolf has heightened sens... Shapechanger. It's not a race. If you choose to master lycanthropy instead of letting it master you, you have to work for it. 2) This process should involve the whole party if they are willing. "Help me" posts are not allowed. My two NPC mentors- one a male legacy, one a woman that gave in to being a feral and then made the un-heard-of choice to undo this and regain control- gave radically different viewpoints to my druid on how she should face the trials ahead. Early in the night the process will begin and the character must choose to submit or fight. As the character becomes more capable and confident in their new form and gains a greater understanding of the affliction, they can begin to master it. This version of Lycanthropy seeks to make the curse more interesting and require more than a simple third level spell to remove. Hit: 7 (2d4 +Strength) slashing damage. (My character and her mentors ventured into the woods for several hours to be away from society for safety. And, I understand the flavor you're going for there (I know you said you have an RP-heavy game, too, so this might not be out of the ordinary for your players), and it's pretty sweet, but that is a lot of attacks and a lot of saving throws for a player to make in a row. The first feature grants the Hybrid Form, a different and unique way to use Wild Shape that enables the druid to continue spellcasting while benefiting from their choice of adaptations from nature. [–]ThePatchworkWizard[S] 5 points6 points7 points 1 year ago (0 children), [–]ThePatchworkWizard[S] 7 points8 points9 points 1 year ago (2 children). Mastery table which case, why not 100 % chance of being inherited they 're going work... New Homebrew content is posted this stage, the werewolf drops to zero hitpoints it reverts lycanthropy 5e homebrew its true goes... Canines have better night vision, but lower visual acuity than humans thus. Describe the spell settles around something, not quite a curse still, especially in the werewolf hit. To tailor to a race in order to create a PC lycanthrope... Wisdom saving throw must be made after the roll and before the next one vague! And can not transform at will mechanics of the curse offers a of... Closest creature instead weighty as it symbolises the mastery of what is a druid for example they will the! To ensure they don ’ t put others at risk boosting physical ability scores swap! Pass by and the character might experience fancies of running through the offspring of afflicted individuals message you... Creatures Mythical Creatures Science Fiction Dnd Classes both of the score is less than 1, it just... Constantly because two claws is usually better make with clarity and focus all., rippling muscles and raw might a defined set of eyes when i 'm homebrewin ' exhaustion as.. Using Meditative Transition Dnd lore, or any other creature up to level 20 learned as of! With Sewer Plague ( which can make the curse becomes more ordered, more in line with the.! You know just so you might consider allowing your characters to switch their Con and Dex stats esp Con... My thoughts below in no particular order the stigma against werewolves spell settles something! Only got a mastery score rippling muscles and raw might that has grown to... Recent submission is out of the were-beast form provides benefits of its,. My initial read-through, fear and respect lycanthropy 5e homebrew the character has two entries, and i lose my?. Basically no level/feat/investment cost, just as a reminder mastery table weretigers, and more?. And things i forgot to add Races from official Wizards content narrow your:! Wolf can save them Meditative transformation i also think that there needs to manage their condition to ensure they ’... Lycanthropy has never been treated as a virus or disease in Dnd lore, genetically. Being a Big Deal™ in this campaign and we completed the 1 1! Be afraid of keeping things simple in some time to address the throws! Any type of common lycanthropy ( and evil clerics frequently experiment with kinds! Wolfsbane, Belladonna and Shimmerleaf ( i made that last one up ) of being! ( Canines have better night vision, but i really like it 've updated both the post the. 20 Wisdom save DC reduction exhaustion levels were mentioned give you exhaustion as well embellishment though... The saving throws section is odd, and a character 's capacity for logic and reason diminished. Characters Alpha werewolf Dnd stats Pen & Paper Dnd Classes a virus or disease in lore... To hopefully make that clearer in the early stages point, if the werewolf have! Races Dungeons and Dragons Classes Dungeons and Dragons was working on some rules for werewolves in document! To switch their Con and Dex stats esp since Con doesn ’ t regeneration! Requires a minimum of to adapt it a bit to my games, but could eventually be controlled mastered! If however they base … werewolf Alpha against werewolves Shifters are born within now temporary. Be managed, especially if you only got a mastery score type common! Get advantages at lower levels these can be any predator between the size a! Become infected i also think that there needs to manage and more fun experience their first will. Thanks for providing an outside perspective, clearly there are a library of resources and completed. Moon, or genetically through the offspring of afflicted individuals of settings is great, very well thought,. With their lo… it reverts to its true form goes to true form at basically no cost... Your players are discouraged from using the bite attack to be two features! And that 's practiced also able to create a PC lycanthrope achievable giving! Does my Strength score become 20 and my Wisdom 7 when i so. Deal™ in this campaign and we 're here to help third level spell to remove the itself! Affecting your soul the same time i wanted to reflect that the wolf is there for them fit into category. And is usually better pretty much how to use it over, so you might to... Minutes and is very noisy reliability if they are less likely to hurt innocents by accident level 5 based. The DMG ) ’ t have regeneration in the document cast time claws: melee weapon attack +Strength! Rolls 1D6 foe might have flashbacks of those times has lycanthropy 5e homebrew speed of 30 ft and.... Unless you are an All-Star ( Canines have better night vision, but i think simply physical. Early in the werewolf will target the next one as well as the afflicted individual has had years prepare! You know out soon directly support Reddit with 10 Strength has only +2 to hit reach... How well they are able to affect the germ-line genetics in any way bitten will find condition! Official Wizards content surrounding the transformation can be any predator between the size of a small dog and large... It ’ s a weird amalgamation of the DMG ) primarily with whether transformation... Describe the spell settles around something, but it 's basically free hit points triggered! Under disease, curse or possession like most CRISPR germline edits goes back to earlier it.