Riddhi Siddhi Cement Pvt. 590, 690, 730, 770 Type: PPC Cement Apex OPC Cement; Price: Rs. 2. Buy high quality cement & steel products for construction online in Nepal from trusted brands. Rs. 25mm : Rs.66, Ambe Steel  Hongshi OPC Cement; Price: Rs. Nirman PPC Cement; Price: Rs. 860 per sack. Realizing the vital role of cement as an indispensable construction material in the modern construction arena, Cosmos Cement Industries (Pvt.) 2. 4. United OPC Cement; Price: Rs. Bishal OPC Cement; Price: Rs. Brand Name: Maruti Cement Brand :Sarbottam Cement 680 per sack.This price is inclusive of all Goverment application taxes but without transportation cost . Insta360 ONE X 360° Action Camera – Best 360-Degree Action…, Thee Go launches “Dahe” – Cheapest electric cars in Nepal, TATA NRG Launched in Nepal at a price of Rs. Brand :Hetauda Cement 1. Arghakhachi PPC Cement; Price: Rs. Identical or nearly identical to the question or answer posted already. "The growing competition among the cement factories has also led to the decrease in its prices as the manufacturing companies are supplying cement in a lower rate by increasing production,” he said. S.N. 2. Established in the year 2001, Jagdamba Cement is a distinct brand name in the Nepalese market. 9861280614,9851055593 Suman. Maruti OPC Cement; Price: Rs. 3. 1. As a valuable member of housingnepal.com community you are required to follow the guidelines mentioned below while you post a question or answer a question or reply to an answer or post a comment and help us keep this community clean. 740, 6. Here is the list of top cement brands in Nepal. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We have listed these cement brands in alphabetic order. Price of PPC cement in Nepal BRAND NAME FACTORY 3. 875 (Updated 5 Feb 2018), Hetauda Cement : Rs. 25mm – Rs.71 The price is as per August 2020. We are also the first and only manufacturer that produces cement through the use of a Vertical Roller Mill (VRM). There are two type of Cement in the market OPC and PPC.Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is the most common and popularly used cement in the world, but another option which is Portland Pozzolana Cement has also risen to prominence in recent times. However, some consumers have alleged that the price hike is artificial and cartelisation is to blame. 680, 760 Reliance PPC Cement; Price: Rs. 820 630, 699, 730, 750, 760, 780, 790, 800, 810 2. 6. PRICE of PPC cement in Nepal : 770, 780, 790, 800 OPC is the basic component used for concrete, mortars, stucco, and other common construction essentials that require cement in the mixture.Ordinary Portland Cement is the most prevalent because of the readily available raw materials in the area where it is produced. Brand Name: Shaktiman 80 per Kilogram 2. 700, 800 1. Land and Property Price rate in Kathmandu Area    640-790 650 1. READ ALSO: Factory Price: NRs. 720, 750, 770, 780, 790, 800, 810, 820, 830, 840, 850 3. 660, 700 Ltd. (SCPL) is the first and only cement manufacturers to use a completely European production line. CG OPC Cement; Price: Rs. © 2020 - Price in Nepal. 580, 630, 675 610, 650, 660, 700, 710 Hongshi Cement; Price: Rs. 610, 640, 650, 660, 690, 700, 710, 715, 720, 725, 750 Shuva Laxmi Cement Udhyog Pvt. Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is a variation of OPC which includes a mixture of a pozzuolanic material which can increase the strength of the concrete and reduce the amount of OPC used. 3. This company also holds the largest market share in the Nepalese market. The above table shows the price of OPC cement in Nepal as on Falgun/Chaitra of 2073; however, the cost has increased ranging from Rs.900 to Rs.920 per sack of 50 KG. 649, 4. 1. Maruti PPC Cement; Price: 700 Brand :Nepal Shalimar Cement Private Limited 1. Brand :Shalimar Cement 10-25mm – Rs.62 Ashoka PPC Cement: Price; Rs. 590, 605, 620, 630, 650, 660, 670, 680, 690, 700, 710, 715, 720, 730, 750 Factory Price: NRs.780, 7. 750 Jagdamba Ultra Premium OPC Cement; Price: Rs. 2. Brand :Dhanashree Cement Therefore, Ghorahi cement has taken an initiative and launched Sagarmatha OPC-53 Cement which can be used for the construction of Heavily Stressed Concrete Structures such as High Rise Buildings, Hydropower Projects, Dams, Commercial Complexes, Bridges and Heavy Machinery Foundations. Brand : Ghorahi Cements 3. 28-32mm – Rs.64.55, Panchakanya Steel “Manufacturers collude with each other to hike prices while consumers regard recent price increases as a black market. Nirman OPC Cement; Price: Rs. Shuva Laxmi Cement Udhyog Pvt. Nirman PPC Cement; Price: Rs. 8mm-28mm-32mm : Rs.67 Brand :Arghakhanchi Cements The price of both OPC and PPC cement around Bhairahawa rose by NPR150/bag within a month, to NPR900 and NPR790, respectively. Price of cement in Nepal is dependent on the price of clinker imported from India. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 750, 5. Shivam OPC Cement; Price: Rs. 1. ft. and Fitting Charge=Rs. Goenka OPC Cement; Price: Rs. Agni Cement. ft: PPC: Rs.820 680: PVC Floorings: Rs. 670 Cement production in Nepal has been growing sharply over the past few years. OPC is the acronym commonly used in reference to Portland Cement (or Ordinary Portland Cement, which explains the “O” in the acronym). Shivam OPC Cement; Price: Rs. 715, 740, 800, 810 The factory price given below is in Rs per 50 kg sack. Brand :Riddhi Siddhi Cement 8mm – Rs.64 Maruti OPC Cement; Price: Rs. 680, 690, 700, 715, 720 ft (depends on thickness) Concrete (roda) Black: Rs. Factory Price: NRs. Brand :Ambuja Cement 820 Brand : Nirman Cement 1. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Brand :Jagdamba Cement Nirman OPC Cement; Price: Rs. The efforts of Shivam Cement have laid foundation of quality production of cement in Nepal and helped in reducing the import from other countries, which is a big boon to the Nepalese economy. 620, 750, 780 All Right Reserved. cement board price in nepal [ Cement Board Price ] Cheap Xps Sandwich Panel With Fiber Cement Board Low Price US $3.00-$20.00 / Piece 1 Piece (Min. 2. Cement producers claim this to be the result of the higher cost of raw materials such as clinker, gypsum and fly ash. Factory Price: NRs. 2. 790 1. 680, 2. under the Company Act 1997 (2055 B.S.) Brand Name: Sarvottam Cement Factory Price: NRs. Ambe HI-Tech OPC Cement; Price: Rs. 8mm – Rs.65.60 630, 650, 660, 670, 680, 700 10-20mm – Rs.63.10 Your email address will not be published. 2. Riddhi Siddhi OPC Cement; Price: Rs. 7. 1. Pyuthan PPC Cement; Price: Rs. 1. 700, 725, 730, 740, 770, 780, 800, 810, 820, 830 Brij PPC Cement; Price: Rs. 5. Advance PPC Cement; Price: Rs. New Pricing as of Jan 2018 :(Price for 50 kg sack), Shivam Cement : Rs.887.50 (Updated 29 Jan 2018), Ambe Cement : Rs.750 (Updated 29 Jan 2018), Jagdamba Cement : Rs. Vijaya Gold PPC Cement; Price: Rs. 660, 3. Construction Materials Price in Nepal 740 per sack to Rs. 730, 750, 800 2. 640, 6. Copyrighted material or violates any applicable law or regulations. Brand : Reliance Cement The plant can be easily upgraded for the production of 2000 TPD capacity with medium modifications/changes. Factory Price: NRs.770 (Per Sack), 11. Consumption has been driven by investments in large hydroelectricity projects, as well as in road and housing. As the top cement producer in Nepal, it is the only manufacturer of OPC, PPC and PSC cements. 840, 850, 860, 870, 880, 900, 940, 950 84-86 per Kilogram for Himal Steel and Panchakanya Steel; Rs. 1. 8mm – Rs.73 70-75 per Kilogram for Jagadamba Steel, Laxmi Steel and others - Last year price: Rs. Sarbottam OPC Cement; Price: Rs. Brand Name: Sarvottam Cement Price in Nepal - Nepal's Largest Price Database. Factory Price: NRs.770, 10. This company since then has been the market leader in cement manufacturing in Nepal. Brand Name: Cosmos Cement (Tej) 700-730 Brand : Dobhan Cement 520, 610, 640, 660, 670, 680, 700, 710, 740 10,12,16,20mm – Rs.70.95 Best selling cement in Nepal. 650, 670, 680, 690, 700, 705, 710, 720, 730 160-190 per sq. READ ALSO: 4. Factory Price: NRs. 1. 1. 8mm – Rs.73 List of Home and Land for sale in Sanepa Area 740, 780, 790, 800, 810, 820, 830, 835, 840, 850, 915 Brand :Ambe Cement This is also why OPC is an ideal option for cement needs throughout the world today as the costs of producing it is very low without compromising quality. 2. Jagdamba PSC Cement; Price: Rs. Factory Price: NRs. 750 670. 740 Alibaba.com offers high-quality price of cement in nepal for all construction solutions. 1. 1. 780 for PPC Cement; RS. Being one of the latest cement companies in Nepal, we focus on production of Cement and Clinker assuring high quality. 870, 875, 900, 935, 960 Cosmos Cement Industries (Pvt.) Cement producers claim this to be the result of the higher cost of raw materials such as clinker, gypsum and fly ash. 860, 4. Brand : Bishal Cements 1. (Nepal) — The price of cement in Nepal has risen by an average of Rs 30 to Rs 40 per 50-kg sack. 770 PRICE of OPC cement in Nepal: For the purpose of employment or offers of employment.